Anise me please, I want a healthy body.


Anise seed is a beautiful and spices seed you can add to you recipes. This licorice flavored spice makes people either smile or cringe from the unusual taste.

Whether you like the licorice flavor or not Anise seed has wonderful healing powers and health benefits.

Some vitamins helpful to you inside Anise sees are vitamin B complexes and also Vitamin D and C.

The excellent minerals of zince, calcium, magnesium, and iron are all in anise seed.

You do not have to use a whole bunch of anise flavor, just a little mixed with other spices and flavors will add health and taste to your meal.

One of the best uses for Anise in health is for it’s ability to help with digestion problems. If you are having digestion problems, try putting some anise in your food.

You can pop the seed out of the beautiful star pod and just eat the seed by itself for fresh breath, or use the seeds in your recipes. The licorice flavor is mild not overly strong as you might suspect.

Follow the link below for a delicious recipe using anise.

Anise in Apple Pie


Follow this link for a cookbook full of great tasting recipes for health


Ayurveda Healthy Recipe Cookbook


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